Since 1978, Elastomer Engineering has been a family owned business located in Sioux City, IA.

Initially, EEI provided custom molded polyurethane products for the paper industry in Wisconsin and the taconite mines of Minnesota.

Since that time, EEI has expanded to provide services for countless industries including, heavy equipment, the recreational industry, the food industry, lumber, railroad, printing, aggregate, canning, military, and agricultural applications. Diversification and a talented team of molders, machinists, and technical and sales staff have been the key to our success.

hot cast polyurethane

Elastomer Engineering is proud of its team of knowledgeable sales and technical staff, along with our talented technicians. Our team has unparalleled expertise and experience in creating the best products based on their form and function, while providing fast turnaround time and competitive pricing. Call us to see how Elastomer Engineering can improve your product and business.